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Specification of

Mobile Crane TC250A4

  • High-strength U-shaped cross section boom.
  • Luffing telescopic operation controlled independently by advanced post-compensate hydraulic technology.
  • Ultra-long outrigger span ensures increasing stability.
  • Effective mirror and rear view camera combinations improve overall visibility.


Max. rated lifting capacity                                     25 t

Max. rated lifting torque of basic boom             1083 kN·m

Max. rated lifting torque of full extended             592 kN·m

Max. lifting height of main boom                           34 m

Overall net weight                                           30400 kg

Max. single rope speed                                       130 m/min

Max. slewing speed                                             2.4 rpm

Max. travel speed                                                 80 Km/h

Dimensions (L x W x H)               12850x2490x3460 mm

Length of main boom                                              34 m

Engine Model                                   CUMMINS ISDe 285 30

Rated power                                                         210 kw

Max. rated torque                                                 970 N·m

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